Foreign Exchange Risk Management Strategies

Protecting your business from market volatility while saving you money.

Don’t be at the mercy of the marketplace. Lock in your desired rate for a future date and ensure control of your businesses funds flow.

Clear visibility on your cash flow so you can grow your business.

Guaranteed rates
Secure today’s rate for future requirements regardless of any market volatility between the time your rate is locked in and when you need it delivered.
Forecast with accuracy
Manage your currency exchange rates for future payments so that you can forecast expenses accurately and manage profit margins.
Increase control
Our contracts provide your business absolute protection from volatile and unpredictable currency movements. You can lock-in an exchange rate for up to 12 months without having to commit cash flow to buying currency in advance.
Flexible currency deliveries
We tailor forward contracts to give you flexibility to draw your funds or extend expiry dates, allowing you to strengthen your businesses profitability.

FX volatility offers both risk and opportunity.

  • Lock-in targeted market rates to ensure cashflow and eliminate bottom line risk.
  • Remove the risk of doing business internationally by increasing the efficiency of your payments so you can grow your business faster.
  • Guarantee the cost for your payables despite market volatility.

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How forward contracts protect your business from market volatility

MTFX protects your business from market volatility 24/7 with real-time response to changes in exchange rates.

Target the rate with want
If you are flexible on the delivery date of your funds, limit orders will allow you to target a rate that is better than the current market. You set the amount and the currency you want for your business and when the market moves to your desired level, we will automatically complete a trade and lock-in your gains.
Manage your downside risk
Hedged funds, or Spot Loss orders, can protect your business against market volatility by setting a worse-case exchange rate. If the market moves to your risk threshold, your trade will be triggered automatically ensuring you are protected from any further loss.
Around the clock visibility on the market
Set up personalized rate alerts within your online business portal to monitor currency trends. Our market experts are available to help you 24/7 and can design and implement various solutions for your businesses unique FX payable, FX receivable, FX conversion and FX risk management needs.

Achieve targeted rates while managing your businesses downside risk.

  • Set targets better than the market to respond immediately to changes in exchange rates.
  • Use our automation technologies for worse-case market rates to ensure that your business is protected from loss.
  • Use your business portal to set up personalized alerts and receive access to our market experts to implement innovative FX solutions for your business.

Latest guide from our market experts

Using market orders to respond immediately to market changes

Looking for a particular rate? Our trigger reports will alert you when your target rate is reached.

Currency Chart

Get access to our expert market analyses and discover how your currency has been tracking with our exchange rate charts.

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Who can use the MTFX payment service?

Individuals and businesses who need to send money in foreign currency internationally can use MTFX’s services. The beneficiary of the transfer must have a bank account for the funds to be paid into.

Personal clients usually use our services to transfer money between their own accounts in two different countries.

Business clients usually use our services to transfer funds to suppliers, fund international operations or repatriate overseas earnings.

All you need to do is complete a simple online form to register with us. Our online application processes are quick and easy, and, in most cases, you can book your first deal on the same day. MTFX offers both personal and business accounts. Click here to get started